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Recent Carnival Results

State Endurance Championship held at TH & C, Sat 20th Oct
            1st Northcliffe    213                2nd Maroochydore         178

            3rd Noosa        132                4th Alexandra Headlands 116

            5th Mooloolaba 108                6th Sunshine Beach         94

U11 F 2km Board    3rd Bianca Jones, 4th Madison Bravery
U11 F 1km Swim     1st Madison Bravery, 5th Eleanor Otley-Doe
U11 F 2km Run       1st Bianca Jones, 5th Eleanor Otley-Doe
U11 M 2km Board   2nd William Taylor, 4th Miller McQuitty-Brown, 5th Bode Schulz
U11 M 1km Swim    1st William Taylor
U11 M 2km Run      2nd Miller McQuitty-Brown
U12 M 1km Swim    6th James Otley-Doe
U12 M 2km Run      6th James Otley-Doe
U13 F 2km Board    2nd Georgia Moore, 5th Erin Lunardelli
U13 F 1km Swim    2nd Georgia Moore, 3rd Nicole Conyngham
U13 M 2km Board   1st Jack Moore, 4th James Rosato
U13 M 1km Swim    3rd James Rosato, 6th Jarrod Shute
U13 M 2km Run      2nd Jack Moore, 3rd Jarrod Shute
U14 F 2km Board   3rd Zoe Lunardelli
U14 M 2km Board   2nd Kobe Schulz
U14 M 2km Swim   3rd Kobe Schulz
U14 M 4km Run     1st Toby Redler, 3rd Harrison Crouch


Dolphin Enduro held at Lennox Head, Sat 13th Oct

U10s Female      1st Daisy Fahey
U10s Male           1st Matthew Coombes, 4th Boston Durie

U11s Female     1st Madison Bravery, 3rd Bianca Jones, 4th Eleanor Otley-Doe
U11s Male          5th Bode Schulz, 6th Caylan Siddell

U12s Male          3rd James Otley-Doe

U13s Female     1st Claudia Durie
U13s Male         5th Hunter Pierce, 7th Thomas Williams

U14s Female     3rd Rielly Bryant
U14s Male         1st Kobe Schulz, 2nd Toby Redler

Wave Warriors Regional Challenge held at TH & C, Sat 6th Oct

U14s Male
Board - 1st Toby Redler
Sprint - 3rd John Jongebloed
Iron - 1st Bailey Armstrong, 3rd Toby Redler
Swim - 1st Bailey Armstrong

U13s Male
Board - 1st Mitch Coombes, 2nd Lachlan Jones, 3rd Jack Moore
Sprint - 3rd Lachlan Jones
Iron - 2nd James Rosato, 3rd Mitch Coombes
Swim - 2nd Jarrod Shute, 3rd Jack Moore

U11s Male
Sprint - 3rd Miller McQuitty-Brown

U10s Male
Iron - 1st Matthew Coombes
Swim - 3rd Matthew Coombes

U14s Female
Board - 3rd Zoe Ward
Sprint - 1st Natasha Innes
Flags - 1st Natasha Innes

U13s Female
Board - 2nd Georgia Moore
Iron - 1st Georgia Moore, 2nd Erin Lunardelli
Swim - 1st Georgia Moore

U12s Female
Board - 2nd Madisyn Armstrong
Sprint - 3rd Lucia Fildes
Flags - 1st Lucia Fildes, 2nd Bella Fildes
Iron - 3rd Madisyn Armstrong

U11s Female
Board - 1st Bianca Jones
Swim - 1st Bianca Jones
Iron - 2nd Eleanor Otley-Doe

Dolphin Classic held at BMD Northcliffe, Sat 29th Sept

U11 Female Board     5th Madisyn Armstrong
U11 Female Swim      1st Madisyn Armstrong
U11 Male Board         6th James Otley-Doe
U11 Male Swim          4th James Otley-Doe, 9th Kobe Topping

U12 Female Board    1st Georgia Moore, 2nd Erin Lunardelli, 7th Claudia Durie
U12 Female Swim      2nd Georgia Moore, 4th Teneka Ash, 5th Nicole Conyngham, 8th Erin Lunardelli
U12 Male Board        1st Jake Moore, 2nd Lachlan Jones, 3rd Mitch Coombes, 4th James Rosato, 6th Ben Ward, 10th Hunter Pierce
U12 Male Swim          1st Lance Ash, 2nd Mitch Coombes, 4th James Rosato, 8th Hunter Pierce

U13 Female Board    2nd Elly Wikaire, 4th Zoe Lunardelli, 6th Zoe Ward
U13 Female Swim      1st Elly Wikaire, 3rd Laura Taylor, 9th Zoe Lunardelli
U13 Male Board         2nd Toby Redler, 3rd Bailey Armstrong, 5th Kobe Schulz, 8th Harrison Crouch
U13 Male Swim          1st Bailey Armstrong, 5th Kobe Schulz, 7th Toby Redler

U14 Female Board     6th Allabama Wyke, 7th Grace Rosato
U14 Female Swim      4th Grace Rosato, 8th Kate Taylor

2011/12 Junior Age Awards

Congratulations to the following members who won the following
Junior Age Awards for the 2011/12 season.

U8 Male
1. Liam Claverie
2. Cody Wood
3. Oliver Watson

U8 Female
1 Abby Vester
2. Lily Smith
3. Georgina Roy

Most Improved - Matthew Walker
Age Managers Award - Kieran James
Sportsmanship Award - Dane Lehndorf

U9 Male
1. Matthew Coombes
2. Flynn Groth
3. Lucas Adams

U9 Female
1. Alexandra Rutherford
Eq 2. Daisy Fahey & Chase Laviolette
3. Caitlyn Miller

Most Improved - Patrick Traynor
Age Managers Award - Sascha Lawton
Sportsmanship Award - Tabitha McCallum

U10 Male
Eq 1. Miller McQuitty-Brown & Will Taylor
2. Michael Van Der Schyff
3. Harrison McDonald

U10 Female
1. Bianca Jones
2. Lily McDonald
3. Eleanor Otley-Doe

Most Improved - Bode Schulz
Age Managers Award - Josephine Hawley
Sportsmanship Award - Flynn Vester

"Imogen Oulten" Award for Most Courageous Performance
Lachlan Pheely

U11 Male
1. Ethan Claverie
2. Spencer Jeans
3. Kye Sunderland

U11 Female
1. Chloe Shute
2. Isabelle Adams
3. Taneesha Clarke

Age Managers Award - Lucia Fildes & Madisyn Armstrong
Sportsmanship Award - Chelsea Canning

U12 Male
1. Mitchell Coombes
2. Lachlan Jones
3. James Rosato

U12 Female
1. Georgia Moore
2. Erin Lunardelli
3. Teneka Ash

Most Improved - Kendle Greer
Age Managers Award - Thomas Williams
Sportsmanship Award - Lance Ash

U13 Male
1. Toby Redler
2. Kobe Schulz
3. Ethan Shields

U13 Female
1. Elly Wikaire
2. Shiraz Mulholland
3. Laura Taylor

Most Improved - Zoe Lunardelli
Age Managers Award - Bailey Armstrong
Sportsmanship Award - Rielly Bryant

U14 Male
1. Brad Jones
2. Jack Fildes
3. Oscar McLaren

U14 Female
1. Allabama Wyke
2. Grace Rosato
Eq 3. Laura Brown, Ami Dowling, Kate Taylor

Most Improved - Brad Jones
Age Managers Award - Allabama Wyke
Sportsmanship Award - Katie Munday

"Gavin Hill" Best Carnival Performance
Georgia Moore

Junior Club Person of the Year
Laura Brown

2012 Junior State Titles

Congratulations to our Junior State Team who came 2nd at the recent Junior State Titles held at Maroochydore.

1st Maroochydore 298points
2nd BMD Northcliffe 286points
3rd Burleigh Heads 139points
4th Alexandra Headlands 106points
5th Sunshine Beach 92points

Notable performances
Bailey Armstrong - 5 Gold
Toby Redler - 4 Gold
Elly Wikaire - 3 Gold, 1 Bronze
Georgia Moore - 2 Gold, 3 Silver
Jack Moore - 2 Gold, 2 Silver, 2 Bronze
Mitchell Coombes - 2 Gold, 1 Silver, 3 Bronze
Rielly Bryant - 2 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze
Erin Lunardelli - 2 Gold
Rhiannah Keuning - 2 Gold, 1 Silver

U11-14s Queensland Junior State Titles


The U11-14s Qld State Titles were held at Tweed Heads & Coolangatta on Fri 18th-Sun 20th March 2011.

Rainy conditions and small surf didn't slow down the BMD Northcliffe competitors as they swam, paddled and ran their way to their first ever State Championship win.

Congratulations to all members involved - nippers, parents, officials, water safety/IRB, Age managers & coaches

Notable performances
Mitchell Coombes (7 medals incl 3 gold)
Georgia Moore (4 medals incl 3 gold)
U10s Sally Greenwood & Madisyn Armstrong (3 golds)
Elly Wikaire (6 medals incl 4 gold)
Bailey Armstrong (5 medals incl 5 gold)
Toby Redler (4 gold)
Allabama Wyke (6 medals incl 1 gold)
Zach Brown (6 medals incl 2 gold)
Ben Bannan (5 medals incl 2 gold)

Full results and pointscore will be available shortly

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