Nippers Days


Sunday 23rd September for upcoming 2018/19 season

All nippers are to meet at 8.15am in front of the BMD Northcliffe Surf Club. Apparel will be available to purchase from 7.30am from the club or you can come in earlier during the week to beat the first day rush.

Nipper Program

Nipper days are held each Sunday with every age group having an Age Manager with one or two assistants. The Age Manager is responsible for the education, training and organisation of the group.

On club days all children assemble on the grassed area in front of the Clubhouse at 8.15am, 15 minutes before the scheduled commencement time, and be wearing their swimming costumes, cap, sunscreen, optional wet shirt and bring their water bottle.

Age Managers will call a roll call at 8.30am and mark off an attendance sheet before a 15 minute group warm up.

Each age group has a time table to follow alternating between beach and water events.
Nippers is about having fun while learning beach safety through technique drills, fitness, theory, games and relays.

At the conclusion of the days activities children are again checked off the attendance roll before they leave their group. Activities generally run for 1.5hrs - 2 hrs depending on conditions. 

Children are not to leave the Clubhouse or its surrounds until collected by the adult responsible for them.

During the season the younger age groups are sometimes taken to Evandale Lake where the flat water enables all nippers to swim and paddle without the fear of rough conditions.

At least one parent/guardian needs to be on the beach at all times. We recommend to tell the Age Manager where you will be if you are unable to be with the group. 
U6 and U7 nippers are required to have one parent/guardian with the group at all times. 

Age Group Guides

U6   Surf Play 1
U7   Surf Play 2 

  • Equal attention to water and beach events
  • Water activities that are limited to shallow water near the water's edge
  • Beach activities to emphasise games and group participation
  • No competition other than that involved in fun games
  • Learn beach awareness & water safety
  • Learn event rules by the time they are in U/8 (Sprint, flags, wade & relays)

Recommended : 1 - 2 sessions / week (learn to swim squad)

U8    Surf Awareness 1  
U9    Surf Awareness 2          
U10  Surf Safe 1

  • Recall surf awareness information and basic emergency care procedures
  • Perform introductory self rescue skills  
  • Has completed run-swim-run
  • Equal attention to water & beach events, beginning to specialize in by U10s
  • Develop basic skills in events & have basic knowledge of rules 
  • Improve confidence in surf
  • Ability to train in a group situation and develop road rules of squad training
  • Understanding training terminology
  • Wading, duckdiving, grabbing sand under waves, swim to behind shorebreak 
  • Boogie board paddling, catching broken waves, correct position on board, able to change direction 
  • Understand rules, demonstrate sprint, flags, wade and relay
  • Catch broken waves from standing, swim in surf with head down, swim into gutter
  • Board starts with skim, sit/pop, eskimo roll, catching unbroken wave, able to correct board position
  • Develop technique in beach events, able to do relay changeovers at speed
  • Catching unbroken waves from swimming, swim to back break
  • All above board skills with confidence and speed, slipstream
  • Continue to advance skills in all events, Knowledge of tactics in flags and wade

Recommended : Start at 2 sessions / week & increase by 1 session each age group

U11   Surf Safe 2   
U12   Surf Smart 1 
  • Apply surf awareness information
  • Provide emergency care
  • Operate communications systems
  • Has completed run-swim-run
  • Begin to concentrate more on specific area (beach/water) but still  train at both
  • Work on intermediate skills and have reasonable knowledge of rules 
  • Begin moderate endurance training to help with Iron and extra events now available
  • Increase confidence in surf and surf awareness
  • Promote good training ethics and desire to train to improve
  • Catch unbroken wave, swim in pack with head down, know when to wade/duckdive
  • Introduce board rescue skills, angle across wave, chasing runners
  • Beach relay changes at speed, correct sprint starts, correct flags technique and dive
  • Hold body wave using arm, correct wading
  • Advanced board rescue skills. Negotiate surf using correct choices, late take offs
  • Speed drills introduced, fine tune skills on beach

 Recommended : 4 - 6 sessions / week for those wishing to attend carnivals

U13      Surf Smart 2  & Resuscitation Certificate (U13 compulsory for competition)

  • Demonstrates resuscitation skills by the following
  • Assessing an unconscious patient by checking for danger
  • Assessing patient's airway and breathing       
  • Assessing patient's response
  • Identify 'signs of life'          
  • Work in a team

U14      Surf Rescue Certificate (U14 compulsory for competition) 

  • Apply surf awareness information       
  • Provide emergency care
  • Operate communications systems & equipment    
  • Work in a team
  • Communicate in the beach environment      
  • Has completed run-swim-run
  • Participate in an aquatic rescue operation    
  • Demonstrates resuscitation skills
U13 & U14s 
  • Understand how to regulate training around school, holidays, exams
  • Provide serious trainers with log book to monitor training
  • Promote training with Senior squad & attend senior carnivals once SRC is obtained.
  • Understand competitive pathways from Junior to Senior (Branch - State - National)

Technique/skill acquisition becomes more individual & correlated to carnival performance

Recommended :  6 or more sessions / week for those wishing to attend carnivals

Championship Days
3 nipper days throughout the season will be designated as Championship Days. To be eligible for Age Champion, the nipper must attend at least 50% of Sunday nipper days. The best 2 overall days will determine the age champion. Points are awarded as follows 1point = 1st place, 2 points = 2nd place etc. The nipper with the lowest points wins. Championship days to be advised.

The following trophies will be given out at the end of year presentation for each age group (U8-14)

  • Age Champion, 2nd place, 3rd place
  • Most Improved
  • Age Managers Award
  • Sportsmanship Award
  • U8-10s - "Imogen Oulten" Most courageous Award
  • U11-14s - "Gavin Hill" Best Performance Award
  • Junior Member of the Year Award

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