UNDER 6   (Surf Play 1) and UNDER 7   (Surf Play 2)

  • Equal attention to water and beach events
  • Water activities that are limited to shallow water near the water's edge
  • Beach activities to emphasise games and group participation
  • No competition other than that involved in fun games
  • Learn beach awareness & water safety
  • Learn event rules by the time they are in U/8 (Sprint, flags, wade & relays)

Recommended: 1 - 2 sessions / week (learn to swim squad)


UNDER 8    (Surf Awareness 1), UNDER 9    (Surf Awareness 2) and UNDER 10  (Surf Safe 1) 

  • Recall surf awareness information and basic emergency care procedures
  • Perform introductory self rescue skills  
  • Has completed run-swim-run
  • Equal attention to water & beach events, beginning to specialise by U10s
  • Develop basic skills in events & have basic knowledge of rules 
  • Improve confidence in surf
  • Ability to train in a group situation and develop road rules of squad training
  • Understanding training terminology



  • Wading, duck-diving, grabbing sand under waves, swim to behind shore break 
  • Boogie board paddling, catching broken waves, correct position on board, able to change direction 
  • Understand rules, demonstrate sprint, flags, wade and relay



  • Catch broken waves from standing, swim in surf with head down, swim into gutter
  • Board starts with skim, sit/pop, eskimo roll, catching unbroken wave, able to correct board position
  • Develop technique in beach events, able to do relay changeovers at speed



  • Catching unbroken waves from swimming, swim to back break
  • All above board skills with confidence and speed, slipstream
  • Continue to advance skills in all events, knowledge of tactics in flags and wade

Recommended : Start at 2 sessions / week & increase by 1 session each age group


UNDER 11   (Surf Safe 2) and UNDER 12   (Surf Smart 1)

  • Apply surf awareness information
  • Provide emergency care
  • Operate communications systems
  • Has completed run-swim-run
  • Begin to concentrate more on specific area (beach/water) but still  train at both
  • Work on intermediate skills and have reasonable knowledge of rules 
  • Begin moderate endurance training to help with Iron and extra events now available
  • Increase confidence in surf and surf awareness
  • Promote good training ethics and desire to train to improve



  • Catch unbroken wave, swim in pack with head down, know when to wade/duck-dive
  • Introduce board rescue skills, angle across wave, chasing runners
  • Beach relay changes at speed, correct sprint starts, correct flags technique and dive



  • Hold body wave using arm, correct wading
  • Advanced board rescue skills. Negotiate surf using correct choices, late take offs
  • Speed drills introduced, fine tune skills on beach


Recommended : 4 - 6 sessions / week for those wishing to attend carnivals 


UNDER 13   (Surf Smart 2) and UNDER 14 (SRC)

  • Understand how to regulate training around school, holidays, exams
  • Provide serious trainers with log book to monitor training
  • Promote training with Senior squad & attend senior carnivals once SRC is obtained
  • Understand competitive pathways from Junior to Senior (Branch - State - National)


UNDER 14   Surf Rescue Certificate (U14 compulsory for competition)  

  • Apply surf awareness information       
  • Provide emergency care
  • Operate communications systems & equipment    
  • Work in a team
  • Communicate in the beach environment      
  • Has completed run-swim-run
  • Participate in an aquatic rescue operation    
  • Demonstrates resuscitation skills


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